1How It works

Core members receive and review opportunities.

Bring interesting opportunities to general members regularly.

If sufficient members interested (20%+), perform diligence.

Members review diligence and each decides if interested to invest.

Each member decides how much to invest.

Can participate in deals with other syndicates.

Standard procedures & agreements.

Saves time, cost & increases efficiency.

2Catalyst for Irrus

Risk Spread - Angel makes many investments across range of business thus spreading risk.

Real Opportunity to make money - Secures early interest in best companies

Proven model - Unexploited in Ireland
Many existing unexploited opportunities

3Return on investment

Members do not pay into a fund

Members choose which deal each is interested in.

Returns are from those deals individual invests in.

No commitment beyond membership fees.

Co-funding by Enterprise Ireland in deals can mean more value for investments.

There is no guarantee of return. Investing is a risk that members make their own decisions about.