• What is Irrus Investments The first Irish commercial investment syndicate Based on proven model in other countries. Mission to invest in and develop highly innovative Irish companies with differentiated IP. VIEW DETAILS

  • Core Member group Members by invitation only the Core Member Group are experienced investors. Successful in investment & business development. Experienced mentoring of investee companies. VIEW DETAILS

  • Opportunity The gap in the market. Lack of cash from banks & venture capitalists. Increasing entrepreneurial activity. VIEW DETAILS


Irrus Investments is

  • A group of investment angels acting as a syndicate
  • Focused on early stage, mainly, Irish businesses
  • Seeking companies with differentiated IP
  • Using a proven model from other geographies
  • Investing in and mentoring growth oriented companies
  • A model where angels only invest in opportunities that appeal to them


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Irrus is not a fund

Members only invest when they see an opportunity they like.

Irrus is  Not an Investment Bank

Irrus is Not a Venture Capital Firm

Irrus is Not a Private Equity Firm

Irrus is Not a profit making organization ...

The members profit from investment returns



  • A group of individual angels who actively / regularly invest together
  • Objective is to make and manage successful investments
  • Business Angel

  • An individual acting alone or in a syndicate who invests directly in unquoted businesses.